Viatronix computer imaging technologies


V3D Cardiac

V3D-Cardiac is a software application to assist physicians in reviewing, investigating, and reporting cardiac CTC studies.

Ease of Use:
- Complete coronary, valve and functional analysis in a single seamless workflow
- No need for any manual post processing manipulation

System Overview:
- Real-Time Analysis of Cardiac CTC data
- Easily Integrates with any PACS workstation
- Powerful one-click segmentation of the heart
- One-click selection and analysis of coronary vessels
- Dynamic multi-phase cardiac function review
- Automatic computation of ejection fraction
- Realistic coronary vessel endoluminal fly-through
- Automated cardiac oblique view
- Easily select any phase for vessel analysis
- One-click segmentation of the left ventricle and automatic determination of long axis
- Polar Plot helps identify suspicious regions within the ventricular wall
- Customizable reporting is seamlessly integrated into the workflow
- Valve analysis
- Myocardium wall thickness investigation

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